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Build a Better Brand Experience for Your Customers

Long ago, the success of our markets used to be driven by the quality of the products that we manufacture, as well as the need and demand of consumers. However, these days, our markets are driven by a different kind of consumer mindset than what many have grown up with. In today's market, sales success is primarily driven by the consumers' desired lifestyles, and the kinds of experiences they like to have when using various products and brands. Accordingly, companies have shifted their marketing and advertising strategies from emphasizing the quality or effectiveness of a particular product or brand, to emphasizing the experience that these give to consumers, as well as how this experience fits within their desired lifestyles. In the current trend of marketing and advertising, it is necessary for a company to highlight their products as elements of certain lifestyles, creating a specific kind of brand experience for consumers. Here's a good read about  #instant branded polaroids , check it out! 

In decades past, there was a much more product-centered approach to advertising and marketing. This essentially means that the qualities, functions, and usefulness of a given product would be emphasized and highlighted in any advertising materials. The ideas was to get consumers to understand that a certain product is the best made, best designed, and is best suited to do for consumers what it was designed to do. Consumers would then feel good about using that product, especially if it actually performs as advertised. To g,ather more awesome ideas on  social vending machine , click here to get started. 

In our current market, however, the advertising and marketing places a lot more emphasis on how a certain product will fit within a consumer's lifestyle. To show how a given product fits within a given lifestyle, the advertisements will use a variety of techniques and strategies to associate a specific image and experience with that product and brand. Therefore, consumers are now less motivated to purchase and use certain products, not because they are not the best made or functioning, but simply because they do not fit well within their desired experience and lifestyle. Many consumers would even rather use a product that is vastly inferior to others, if the specific brand experience of that product happens to fit within their desired lifestyle better than any other brands on the market.

If they have not done so already, it is vital that companies recognize the need to shift their advertising and marketing focuses toward lifestyle products and brand experiences. It has become clear that the mindsets of consumers have shifted, such that they will absolutely not use a certain product if they do not see how it fits within their lifestyle, or if they are unsure about the experience they would get from using it. Furthermore, focusing on lifestyle and brand experiences also is more useful in today's internet-based market and society. The majority of people's social and market engagements are multimedia heavy, and also highly customized or specialized. Emphasizing a product's particular brand experience, and showing how this fits in or accentuates the consumer's image and lifestyle, is the current marketing mindset that has proven most effective.

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